Bill Gallegos

“I have been inspired by the essential beauty of wilderness, of a genuine silence, of a comforting darkness, but even more by the deep compassion and sense of humanity of my fellow residents. Windcall allows us to surround ourselves not only with trees, flowers, birds and streams-but with the deep-rooted strength of freedom fighters.”

Dianne Bady

“Many activist leaders deal with grief every day. We see human and ecological injustice. And it hurts. Ideally this pain is transformed into the energy that fuels our work. But often, the intensity of our lives keeps too much of the pain buried deep in our hearts and in our overstressed bodies.”

Taj James

“Because Windcall is not directive in the way most other spaces like this are, it is a unique place for folks to ask themselves, ‘What do I need to be sustained and renewed in my life and work?’ – and be supported in answering it. Without Windcall, many activists would not have found a way […]

Marielena Hincapie

“I have made some major life decisions that are all efforts at taking care of myself and doing what is truly important to me. I firmly believe I have been able to take these steps as a result of being at Windcall and starting a healing process that is manifesting itself in my personal and […]

Josh Hoyt

“Organizing is grueling, public, conflictive and draining work. We tend to believe that we want neither thanks nor recognition. But a long distance social justice runner needs balance and self care. If we value the people who do social justice work, then we must invest more in the doers.”