Other Resources for Organizers

The following programs can support you and organizers with whom you work to reflect, build resiliency, and foster transformative leadership capacities.

If you know of a similar program that is not on this list, please let us know, and we will add it!

Training and Tools

Center for Contemplative Mind in Society   https://www.contemplativemind.org/

Center for Whole Communities   https://www.wholecommunities.org

Generative Somatics   www.generativesomatics.org

Leadership Learning Community   https://www.leadershiplearning.org/

Movement Strategy Center   www.movementstrategy.org

Rockwood Leadership Program   https://www.rockwoodleadership.org/

Social Transformation Project   www.stproject.org

Spirit in Action   https://spiritinaction.net/

Transformative Change   www.transformativechange.org



Alston Bannerman Leadership Initiative (national)   https://www.centerforsocialinclusion.org/leadership/alstonbannerman-leadership-initiative/ (no application deadline in 2014)

California Wellness Foundation Sabbatical Program   https://www.calwellness.org/leadership_recognition/sabbatical_program_overview.htm

Durfee Foundation (Southern California)   https://durfee.org/

O2 Sabbatical Award (San Francisco Bay Area) https://o2initiatives.org/sabbatical-award/overview/

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation (North Carolina)   https://zsr.org/grants-programs/sabbatical-program



Blue Mountain Center   https://www.bluemountaincenter.org

Manzanita Village   https://www.manzanitavillage.org/

Pie in the Sky (a Windcall site)   https://www.pieinsky.com/

stone circles (also offers many transformative leadership programs)   https://www.stonecircles.org/

Vallecitos Mountain Refuge   https://www.vallecitos.org/



Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor   https://lwp.georgetown.edu/campusproject/practitioner-fellowship-program/

Petra Foundation   https://petrafoundation.org/


Writers Retreats

There are many writers retreats or writer-friendly spaces across the country. Writers’ and Writers Hideouts by Andrea Brown lists many “hideouts” for those needing to write and reflect. These programs stand out for their historical attention to social and environmental justice writers:

Mesa Refuge   https://www.mesarefuge.org/

Blue Mountain Center   https://www.bluemountaincenter.org/

Hedgebrook   https://www.hedgebrook.org/