Practice Staying Power for a Month

A Sample Month Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Health Take a brisk walk outside in the middle of the day. Email friends and schedule a casual softball or pickup basketball game in a nearby park. Move! Shake your head, shake your fingers, stretch […]

A Sample Month

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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  • Take a brisk walk outside in the middle of the day.
  • Email friends and schedule a casual softball or pickup basketball game in a nearby park.
  • Move! Shake your head, shake your fingers, stretch your arms up over your head, skip for a minute instead of walking.

  • Find a yoga, tai chi, qi gong, pilates, or dance class – and go!
  • Schedule that appointment with a healthcare provider you may have been putting off.
  • Identify 1 to 3 healthy foods you will eat more of during the 25 Days of Windcall.

  • Configure a standing workstation and do all emails standing up, preferably in your stocking feet.
  • Spend time in a sauna, hot tub, Jacuzzi, or flotation tank.
  • Hula hoop in the office.


  • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Say prayers silently or out loud.
  • Ask yourself: “What do I love to do, what brings me joy? What is my heart asking for? What practice will bring connection to what my heart wants?” Take note of the answers.

  • Build an altar as visible and tactile reminder of something or someone important to you.
  • Practice journaling with a pen and paper. Just do free writing and let whatever wants to come out on the paper express itself.
  • Notice at least 5 things throughout your day that you are deeply appreciative of.
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  • Buy yourself flowers every Sunday and put a flower in every room to remind you all week long to stop and smell the flowers
  • Do vocal meditation and/or chanting for 21 minutes.
  • Do a slow walking meditation, breathing in with one step and breathing out with the next.


  • On your way to work, bring a camera and capture photos of whatever catches your attention.
  • Get paints, clay dough, and/or colored pencils and set aside an hour to play around. Play with art without worrying about how it looks.
  • Watch a funny movie and just start laughing. Laugh your a** off.

  • Take old magazines and cut out images and/or words to make a collage.
  • Make up a new movement song with a friend. All the better if you end up laughing at your own lyrics.
  • Improvise your new standup comedy routine.

  • Cook with an ingredient you’ve never used before.
  • Paint a picture with your non-dominant hand.
  • Re-read a fun book from your childhood, then write the sequel.

  • Write a poem (or two or three).
  • Finger paint. Be messy.
  • Enjoy your favorite music and dance if you want to.

  • Plan a whole day where you don’t use computers, phones, or other electronics.
  • Take a walk and practice deep listening to the sounds outside – try to not listen to your own thoughts.
  • Get lost in a novel today.
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  • Take a day to be in silence; let the words float away.
  • Enjoy a day on your own in nature.
  • Take a long bath with soft music and candles.
Practices for Organizations

  • Learn about leadership coaching, or call a coach (the Windcall coaches are great) and explore what it would be like to be coached for 6 months
  • Make one positive change to your office or desk area for 5 days.
  • Look at your schedule for the next two weeks and try to avoid scheduling back to back meetings. Give yourself time to breath deep and do the followup after a meeting.
Practices for Organizations

Practices for Organizations

  • Self-care check-ins at staff meetings.
  • Eat lunch outside.
  • Write these question on a piece of paper: “What is one thing you’re proud of about this organization? What is one thing you would love to grow more of in this organization?” Pull a colleague aside and share your answers. Then give him/her the paper with the questions to continue the practice and grow this tree of sharing.
Practices for Organizations

  • Take 20 minutes to draft up your ideal leadership-self care plan in your organization and think about your step to make that the reality.
  • Create a culture of self-care, mutual support and gratitude in your organization. One way to do this is meet with another staff member to plan more generous sabbatical, bereavement, vacation, and personal days for your organization.
  • Start meetings with shoutouts, gratitude, and praises.
Practices for Organizations

  • Call an ally who has access to a place in a natural setting and ask if staff or leaders could use it for a week for a personal retreat.
  • Tape a large piece of butcher paper on the wall and write “What are you grateful for?” across the top. Put markers out and invite organization staff, members and visitors to share.
  • Include yoga, long walks, meals and sharing during retreats.

  • Take a barefoot walk in the woods.
  • Feed and watch the birds.
  • Practice building outdoor sculptures with rocks you find on a walk. Take the time to carefully balance them, realizing you need internal balance yourself in order to balance rocks.
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  • Plant a garden.
  • Create an altar outside.
  • Take a hike in a brand new place. Enjoy the sense of adventure.

  • Watch the sunset.
  • Spend time with animals.
  • Sit down on the ground outside and create a mandala with the leaves, sticks, rocks and other gifts you find.

  • Have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.
  • Write letters, postcards or short notes to loved ones near and far.
  • Brainstorm your futuristic novel with your friends.

  • Start a weekly sharing time with your family called “Joys and Concerns.” If you don’t have a group or family to do this with, it also works as an exercise alone but in that case, it’s good to write it down.
  • Share a lovely dinner with friends.
  • If you are an Executive Director, start or join an Executive Director’s support group that meets monthly. If you’re not an ED, start a peer support group.

  • Take a walk with other organizers to talk about self-care.
  • Set an intention to offer compliments and words of encouragement to at least 3 people. The goal here is to highlight the strengths and positive qualities within others, which in turn helps you to feel more positive about yourself while allowing your own positive qualities to come more to the forefront.

  • Take one practice for you or your organization from the 25 Days of Windcall, email it to a friend, and ask them to remind you of it two months from now.