Healing our Movement

We are in a moment right now where the direction of humanity is being actively and visibly contested. The ability to know one’s own Human-Beingness in a deep, unshakable way, to see the mutual humanity and sacredness of other human beings and our interconnectedness, to understand our mutual interdependence with nature, life, and all other beings on the planet, to feel our own gifts, purpose and wellbeing is the bedrock of a new (and old) way in the world. It has both ancient roots, and a new expression.  

How Windcall Provides Space and Resources for Organizers’ Healing Journeys 

For social transformation to impact the evolution of humanity – and not be just a temporary fix – we need people who have experienced and embody freedom, connection and rootedness. Radical healing – reconnecting to one’s essential self and our fundamental interconnectedness – is a cornerstone for this evolution.

Windcall Residencies provide transformative immersive experiences that enable change-agents to do radical healing, experience freedom, connect to their essential selves/ their human-beingness and find/renew their life purpose. Windcall Staying Power supports alumni to continue their journeys long term, create a network of mutual support, and experiment with how to extend freedom, light and transformation to others. 

Windcall Residencies are a healing (and leadership evolution) process that places full faith in human-beings ability to heal themselves – when we are ready and have conditions that promote well-being and spaciousness. Through befriending oneself (good, bad, ugly) radically new relationships, possibilities, futures, and purpose can emerge. This is essentially about not having an agenda, an open schedule with no responsibilities or output – in order to “unplug” from the habits and “machine” that we find ourselves embedded in. It is not about bringing our movements into this space – it is about bringing ourselves and seeing the calling that emerges. 

Leaders glimpse healing and liberation that transforms them and go home as changed people, who change people by their presence. They make different decisions (often radical) about what they will do with their lives, and how they will catalyze transformation and community well-being. 

  • Healing of generational, historic, and direct (systemic/interpersonal) trauma.
  • 21 days is the length of time needed to shift deeply-imbedded habit and patterns.
  • Healing happens naturally if given space, time and conditions for self-guided exploration.
  • With a critical mass of people who have reconnected to humanity, sacredness of life, spaciousness and purpose, larger, exponential shifts can occur – Windcall is adding to this pool.
  • The experience of Windcall is not rooted in a spiritual tradition, but it is often a deeply spiritual experience of interconnectedness, well-being, sacred responsibility, and a radical acceptance of self and others. 

Windcall Staying Power recognizes that the journey continues when we go home, to our communities, and this journey is both personal and collective. Windcall residents become evolutionary change agents and leaders. Having experienced a new form of freedom and liberation consciously, they now have a new way of seeing and experiencing the world and choices, and their presence creates both a beacon and ripple effects in their community. Our trainings and webinars support residents, alumni, and their communities:

  • To continue their journey through our holistic nine pathways
  • To remain in mutual connection-support-discovery, and possibly even co-creation – with others who have “unplugged/shine light/facilitate evolution”
  • To consciously create openings for others in their spheres (their organizations and communities) to unplug/ shine light/ experience freedom.