Overview Residencies & Mindful Breathers

The Windcall Institute has awarded 2-4 week Residencies for three decades, offering life-time changing experiences to over 500 organizers from around the country and all sectors of the social justice movement.

After many requests, Windcall is pleased to offer a selection of Mindful Breathers: 1-week sessions, especifically available to organizers juggling personal caretaking responsibilities, such as for family, that limit their capacity to take much time off. Work responsibilities are not considered a limitation in this instance.

What is available in a Windcall Residency:

Each Residency is three weeks long and takes place at comfortable sites located in pristine natural settings. You’ll be in a small cohort with just two or three other organizers from various movements and parts of the country, with the opportunity to connect on the joys and challenges of organizing and exploring transformative practices. A site coordinator prepares your meals and supports in the exploration of transformative practices.

What is available in a Mindful Breather:

Each Mindful Breather is one week long, also located in comfortable sites, in pristine natural settings. These are individual placements where each organizer can choose to attend alone or bring the family members they care for (up to 2 members). There is no site coordinator or meals available.

In both programs, you’ll have the freedom to make the time your own with the space to rest, reflect, think, and envision new possibilities. Each site offers opportunities to explore transformative practices that build long term resiliency and wellness through a mix of the Windcall pathways that organizers before you have found renewing and transformative (Mindful Breathers do not offer peer support and coaching):

Windcall’s three decades of providing profound experiences for organizers, plus research from the science, psychology, spirituality, and leadership development fields, demonstrate why the holistic combination of these practices work. You’ll choose what specifically works for you. The core experience – the cultivation of spaciousness by taking a breath of fresh air – is that your time is your own.

Setting the Course

For the Residency , Windcall will help you prepare with two phone orientations with your peer group where we’ll cover how to mentally prepare to leave your work for this time and information about your Windcall site. During this time, you will be paired with a Windcall coach who will support you in maximizing the Residency and, afterwards, moving forward on implementing transformative practices and other ideas generated during your Residency.

For the Mindful Breathers, Windcall will help you prepare with a phone orientation to discuss logistics and information about your Windcall site. Each situation is specific and Windcall staff will help you strategize.

All selected are invited to join Windcall’s Facebook group and we’ll give you ideas to help you raise money for your travel, if needed. We know it can be challenging to leave your work and step into Windcall. Windcall and its alumni and coaches are here to support you.

Bringing your Residency (or Breather) Home

You’ll likely come home with a fresh perspective and new ideas for what you want to be different in your life, organization and/or movement. During this time, your Windcall coach will support you in implementing your Windcall-inspired ideas. Those can be changes you want to make for greater work/life balance, awareness practices you want to maintain to foster your continued clarity, new political visions or organizational practices you want to move, or ways you want to lead very differently. We’ll support you sharing your experience with your organization/colleagues in order to inspire others to organize in a different way and bring your peer group together over the phone for support and a graduation. We’ll also encourage you to participate in one of Windcall’s online fundraising campaigns, and contribute yourself, to help other organizers benefit from Windcall – a gift from the movement to the movement. FAQs on the Residencies

I loved having the combination of quiet time, space, and intelligent and warm companionship.”Madeline Janis, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Los Angeles, CA