Windcall Residency Overview

The Windcall Institute has awarded 1-4 week Residencies for three decades, offering lifetime changing experiences to close to 600 community and labor organizers from around the country and all sectors of the social justice movement.

The purpose of the Windcall Residency is to provide you with a highly supportive environment that removes most of the outside pressures and internal constraints that inhibit organizers’ renewal and introduce you to practices that lead to long-term sustainability and resilience.

What is available in a Windcall Residency for Spring/ Fall 2021

  • To decompress from over-scheduled lives, Windcall is offering one-week, in-person retreats immersed in nature for individual organizers in eight locations across the country.
  • The solo experience is supported with a Covid safety guide and protocols, a written introduction to practices for each element, and a stipend.
  • Debriefs, a virtual cohort webinar, six coaching sessions and a two-week, written and video guide with more practices for residents to follow at home serve to integrate and deepen the experience into daily lives.

Setting the course for your 9 month residency experience

Windcall will help you prepare for the residency with two virtual orientations to learn about your hosts and Windcall location and help prepare to leave your work for this time. You will have an opportunity to choose a Windcall coach who will support you in maximizing your residency experience and implementing any insights and aspirations generated during your residency.

We know it can be challenging to leave work and community and step into time focused on yourself. Windcall fosters mutual support among peer residents and with our active and engaged alumni network as one of our core elements. We offer ideas to raise money for your travel, if needed. Windcall and its coaches are here to support you.

Self-Guided Learning of Windcall’s Transformative Practices               

During your residency, you’ll have the freedom to make the time your own with space to rest, reflect, think, and envision new possibilities. Each Windcall location offers unique pristine natural environments and opportunities to explore transformative practices that build long term resiliency and wellness through a mix of the Windcall elements that organizers before you have found renewing and transformative.

Windcall’s three decades of providing profound experiences for organizers, plus research from the science, psychology, spirituality, and leadership development fields, demonstrate why the holistic combination of these practices work. You’ll choose what specifically works for you. The core experience – the cultivation of spaciousness by taking a breath of fresh air – is that your time is your own.

Bringing your Residency Home

Much rested, you’ll likely come home with a fresh perspective for your life, organization and/or movement. Windcall will support your integration and continued learning through periodic debriefs with staff, a virtual webinar with your peer group, and six sessions with a Windcall coach. Scientific research has shown that it takes 21 days to stop old habits and develop new healthier ones. Windcall has developed a two-week, written and video guide with more practices for you to follow at home at your own pace to round out the 21-day residency experience.

Windcall will support you to integrate your experience with your organization and colleagues. These may include implementing new ways to lead, changing organizational culture and practices, launching collaborative projects from a more grounded and visionary place, and navigating organizational and leadership changes.

Windcall is a gift from the movement to the movement. We welcome you to join the Windcall family and build a network of mutual peer support to extend this healing and transformative experience to more organizers across the country.

FAQs on the Residencies

I loved having the combination of quiet time, space, and intelligent and warm companionship.”Madeline Janis, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Los Angeles, CA