Be a Site Partner

Welly & Weyerhaeuser home, Windcall’s residency site at the Olympic Peninsula

Do you have a vacation home that is going unused for several weeks of the year?

The social justice organizers who are Windcall Residents benefit from the generosity of allies who have graciously donated the use of houses, land, and services for Windcall Residencies. The giving goes both ways. Fueling the renewal, resiliency, and transformative visions of amazing organizers is a unique and personal way to advance social justice.

Windcall is continually looking for new site partnerships. Please contact Windcall if you think your retreat center, second home or other site could be a Windcall Residency Program site.

Sites that have been donated for the Windcall Residency Program are in:

  • Olympic Peninsula, Washington State through the generosity of Pat Welly and Merrill Weyerhaeuser
  • Blue Mountain Lake, New York through the support of the Blue Mountain Center
  • Half Moon Bay, California through the gift of Tunitas Creek Ranch
Welly & Weyerhaeuser Family
Welly & Weyerhaeuser Family

“Striving for social justice is a core value for us. We are thrilled to be able to share this unique place with those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to spend time rejuvenating. We have also treasured the chance to have our kids encounter people who are deeply committed to their life’s work. They feel their passion, which inspires us in turn to live intentionally.” Pat Welly and Merrill Weyerhaeuser, current Windcall Site Partners

What makes a good Windcall Residency Program site?

  1. Capacity and Shared Mission: Houses 3-6 Residents at a time at a location that shares Windcall’s commitment to organizers of color and organizers from low-income communities.
  2. Natural Beauty: A place of great natural beauty that has a special sacred “feel” to the land and provides ample access to nature. In addition, the site should feel removed – but not too remote, so that affordable access is available for people traveling from long distances. That usually means within two hours of an airport.
  3. Caring Host: A host or hosts that offers the gift of unconditional support and who can quietly hold the space for healing and reflection. In addition, the host has a number of logistical tasks. This person is generally someone Windcall and/or the site owner identifies in the local area.
  4. Facilities: Small and intimate spaces with private rooms for each Resident and plenty of private spaces for writing, reflecting and solitude.
  5. Significant Length of Time for Residencies: Three weeks to one month per cohort and preferably more than one cohort a year (i.e., six to nine week minimum preferred).
  6. Comfort: Good food and prepared dinners by a cook, outside cleaning service, and comfortable surroundings are key. Residents report that the feeling that they are being taken care of, often for the first time in their lives, is a crucial element to their process.
  7. Contemplative Practices: Quiet space for yoga or meditation and access to teachers nearby.
  8. Creative Space: Access to spaces that can be used to create art and access to people in the local area who can teach art.
  9. Physical Activity: Access to activities such as hiking, horseback riding, boating, and biking.
Albert and Susan Wells
Albert and Susan Wells

“Running Windcall was a joyous experience for both Albert and me.  It truly was a work of our hearts, and as such, it gave back in equal measure everything we brought to it.”Susan Wells, Windcall Co-Founder

If you have a vacation home or other suitable site you would like to donate for several weeks each year, please contact Viviana Rennella, Windcall’s Executive Director.