Who We Support

Windcall believes that organizing is fundamental to building strong movements rooted in communities of color and low-income communities. Windcall invests in community and labor organizers – often those who are unsung – committed to building bases, power and movements.

Our Residents:

  • The majority are people of color (68%) and women (73%). 51% are women of color.
  • Almost 50% work in conservative regions or states that are challenging terrain for social justice organizing.
  • They are on the cutting edge of change working on: Housing justice (Foreclosures, bank policies, tenant rights, and land use); Immigrant rights (comprehensive immigration reform, deportations); Jobs and workers rights (union organizing, workers centers, labor/faith/community alliances, green jobs, wage theft); Civic participation and voting rights; Health care reform; Educational justice; Corporate accountability (community benefits, lending policies, taxation); Environmental justice (agricultural pesticide spraying and clean and safe neighborhoods); and Criminal injustice (death penalty, police accountability, prison conditions).
  • Many work in multi-issue organizations and are engaged in national movement building efforts.
  • The majority have not previously accessed another substantive leadership program, working for years with no opportunity to focus on their own leadership, vision, and resiliency.
  • Organizers come to Windcall when they are at a crossroads such as between campaigns, in the midst of organizational challenges, or when the individual senses that her/his role should change in the movement.

Windcall Residents speak about their experience.