Z! Haukeness

“At Windcall I felt held by the slowness, the consistency, the long life of tall trees, the steadiness of the waves, the grand boldness of the mountains. Being here has helped put so many lessons and gifts shared into perspective. I brought back a more intentional, present, open, patient, rooted, dreaming, direct, loving me to […]

Melissa Nelson

“I remembered that I am a human BEING, not a human DOING”

Zon Moua

I had doubts before applying, did I deserve it? The year before was hard, with lots of changes that impacted work and how I was showing up in spaces. By the second week at Windcall I felt very human and felt full and calm deep inside. I did deep crying and it felt so good. […]

Yamani Hernandez

I was struck by the feeling of spaciousness and freedom at Windcall. I got to hike a lot and be outdoors. I am planning to do more with staff to create spaciousness.

Hakima Payne

The whole experience fed and nourished and gave me time to think, spending time alone that I so craved. I walked in the desert every day, journaled, day dreamed. I came back and instituted changes like daily selfcare time and cooking for friends.

Sarai Portillo

En tiempos donde en la era Trump, es un lujo, pero esencial darnos un respiro, es vital el auto-cuidado. Un respiro que aunque de una semana, ayude a mitigar el nivel de stress y los embates del día a día es primordial para poder seguir en la batalla que sabemos, sera a largo plazo. Windcall […]

Jayeesha Dutta

“I endured a most nightmarish and difficult care-taking period immediately after my residency (pre-pandemic). I cannot express how deeply grateful I am for the opportunity to have taken a pause, to refill my own cup before my life and the world shifted.  I’m not sure my mind, spirit, and body would have made it out […]

Carlos Duarte

“I have been able to reclaim so much of myself and expand learning about myself through body and movement. I found it liberating to run surrounded by nature including majestic snowed mountains and a beautiful and copyrighted lone butte. I hope to honor this gift by making our movement practices much more humane and sustainable, and therefore […]

Branden Snyder

“I came into this program skeptical: ‘What exactly is a program for organizers that is unstructured and focused on healing?’ Unheard of. I was greeted by a cohort of leaders who were in the middle of learning how to show up for themselves and who poured into each other the hard-fought wisdom of survival and […]

David Orr

“The first two nights we were kids in wonderland as we waited patiently in the rain to see deer and elk. Lying in the sun – listening – was a liberating feeling… I slowed down, read avidly, discussed organizing and politics… I go back invigorated and excited. Not unmindful of the social sickness, injustice and […]