A Holistic Approach to Healing & Resilience

The program soon proved to be transformative for organizer after organizer – far beyond the expectations of the Wells’ and the social change leaders serving on the Windcall Selection Committee. With feedback from Windcall alumni, Susan’s background in psychology, and staffer Joy Sue Hutchinson’ experience as a community organizer with Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and the Center for Third World Organizing, the hallmarks of the Windcall residency began to take shape.

Windcall is known for its open schedule with no responsibilities or output, self-guided exploration of healing practices, single-occupancy rooms, and dinner served at 6pm with healthy, nourishing meals. A barn was built specially outfitted for exploration of what eventually became the Windcall practices:

  1. Cultivating spaciousness for reflection to complete the organizing praxis.
  2. Reconnection to the planet through nature immersion.
  3. Creative exploration to increase flexibility and connection to cultural roots.
  4. Body awareness for optimum health and stamina.
  5. Contemplative practices including meditation, journaling, gratitude practices.
  6. Solitude and silence to decompress from overscheduled lives.
  7. Technology fast that compliments the decompression.
  8. Peer support and learning, carefully choosing cohorts to form a mix of movement sectors and geographic locations.
  9. Coaching from a roster of coaches immersed in social justice to support reintegration.