25DW: Thanks!

25 Days of Windcall Acknowledgements

Many thanks to all those who have contributed their leadership, ideas and time to 25 Days of Windcall especially the Windcall Institute Board, Program Committee, alumni who shared their practices, alumni gatherings organizers, and Social Media Superstars who spread the word.

They are: Elsa Barboza, Dothula Baron, Rebecca Bauen, Amanda Berger, Alexa Bradley, adrienne maree brown, Cheryl Brown, Pamela Chiang, Kirsten Cross, ron davis, Walter Davis, Sharon Day, Scott Douglas, Lisa Durán, Nijmie Dzurinko, Rachel Ebora, Soffiyah Elijah, Ron Garcia-Forgarty, Alicia Garza, Chung-Wha Hong, Clifford Honicker, Janet Keating, Bill Kearney, Jackie Kittrell, Julia Lau de Guzman, Myrna Martinez Nateras, Coleman Milling, Parisa Norouzi, Donna Parson, Amisha Patel, Deepak Pateriya, Jack Payden-Travers, Sonia Peña, Glenda Perryman, Joy Persall, Alex Poeter, Sarai Portillo, Maureen Ridge, Andy Robinson, Fabricio Rodriguez, Kristin Rothballer, Nathan Ryan, Mara Schechter, Rinku Sen, Karen Stults, Melinda Wiggins, Helena Wong.

and thanks to:

Design Action Collective for website work, Dothula Baron for dreaming up the poster vision, Fabricio Rodriguez for the poster artwork, and Stuart Randle for poster design.

Holly Fincke, Windcall Institute Director, for overall coordination, writing and concepts.

Consultants Joy Sue Hutchinson for writing, editing and concepts, Rona Fernandez for social media strategies, and Bronwyn Ruby for database strategies.