Windcall Application


Due MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2018 – 5PM PST

There are several ways you can complete the application:

If English is not your first language, please feel free to submit the application in your language. A Spanish Application can be downloaded here.

Submit completed applications to:

  • Email to
  • Mail to: Windcall Institute, c/o Common Counsel Foundation, 1624 Franklin Street, Suite 1022, Oakland, CA 94612

Your application and resume should be ONE attachment (Microsoft Word is preferred). 

Before applying, make sure to read the description of the Windcall Residency and Mindful Breather Program and the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have questions, call (510) 834-2995 x305.

Thank you for applying to Windcall Institute’s Residencies and Mindful Breathers Program and for prioritizing time to recharge and practice self-care as an organizer and community leader. Building your resiliency is vital to you, your work, and your community!

Windcall Institute now offers more choices for long and short term sabbaticals in our Residencies and Mindful Breathers Program. Please read their descriptions and the Frequently Asked Questions on our website. If you have questions, call (510) 834-2995 x305 or check our website,


First and Last Name:
Please check the contact information you would prefer we use for each below:
€ Work Street Address:


€ Home Street Address:


€ Work Phone:

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€ Work E-mail: € Home E-mail:
Organizational website:

Gender Identity:

Sexual Orientation:

Preferred Gender Pronoun:

Years with your current organization/union:

Years working in social, environmental or economic justice movements:

Note: Windcall requires applicants to have at least five years experience.

How did you hear about Windcall?

o   Windcall alum/staff. Name(s) ___________________

o   Funder. Name _____________________________

o   Another program. Name __________________

o   E-mail announcement via _________________________

o   Other ____________________________

Past participation in retreat, leadership renewal or sabbatical programs. Please list names and dates


Are you applying for a:  € 3-week Residency OR  € 1-week Mindful Breather?
Is your Residency or Mindful Breather part of a longer sabbatical or time off?
Are you planning to continue working with a social, environmental, economic justice organization or union over the next two years?

Selection Process

Windcall Residents and Breathers are chosen by a national Selection Committee comprised of former Windcall Residents who are familiar with the challenges faced by social, economic and environmental justice organizers. The Committee will read your application and possibly contact one or more of your references to find out more about you and your work. When reviewing your application, our Selection Committee will take the following into consideration:

  • While we want to understand your organization’s/union’s work, we mostly want to understand YOU -at this point in your life and work for social change, why would a period of reflection, to focus on transformative practices and self-care, be beneficial to you?
  • We give first consideration to organizers working in communities of color and low-income communities. If you’re a cultural worker, advocate, or activist, to what extent do you engage other people in taking collective action for social change and how would you characterize your leadership role in that work?
  • If you work in an organization with a strong social service focus, please describe how you engage your community in taking collective action for change.
  • How long have you worked on a particular issue? Windcall requires applicants to have at least five years experience as an organizer or activist. You need not have worked for five years at the same organization, but you should demonstrate how your commitment to specific issues is significant, focused and long-standing.


Please respond to the following questions incorporating them into one essay of no more than 2-3 pages:




  1. Introduce yourself and briefly share with us how you arrived at your vision for social, environmental or economic justice




  1. Share your organization’s one paragraph mission/vision statement.
  2. How does your organization/union engage grassroots people in taking collective action and which recent campaign are you most proud of and why?
  3. What was your role in that campaign and with your organization/union and the wider movement?
  4. In what coalitions/networks does your organization/union participate?
  5. Does your organization encourage self-care and/or renewal experiences and practices for those doing the work? If so, what are they? If not, what are your organizational challenges in utilizing such practices?




  1. What has motivated you to apply to Windcall Institute at this time in your life and work? Why do you need a place and space for rest, renewal, and reflection? Describe your present situation and why you are seeking regeneration, release, balance, and/or revitalization.
  2. If you are applying for a Mindful Breather, please describe what responsibilities do you have to attend to that limit your time off to just 1 week? (Mindful Breathers are only for those with personal, not work limitations)
  3. At the end of your Residency or Breather, what changes do you hope to see in yourself as a result of the Windcall experience? Please be specific and share examples such as attitude and/or behavior changes, or emotional, physical, spiritual, and/or perspective changes.


B.  RESUME: Please include your resume with your application, copying it in the same document so that you e-mail ONE file to us. If you don’t have a current resume, a list of your history with social justice organizations is fine. It should include the organizations’ names, your role, and how long you were with each group. Please feel free to include unpaid social justice work as well.


C.  RESIDENCY AND MINDFUL BREATHER DATES: Please indicate your availability. If you’re selected, we will follow up with more details and make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

  1. Windcall Residencies are three week sessions. Feedback from Windcall alumni (organizers like you) and research indicates that at least three weeks is needed to unwind and to gain the insights that could make your once-in-a lifetime Windcall experience transformational.
Dates Yes No Maybe
September 17 – October 8, 2018 (New Mexico)      
May 2019 – dates to be determined (New Mexico)      
  1. Mindful Breathers are one week sessions. These sessions are available only to organizers limited by personal responsibilities such as family caretaking and cannot take more than a week off. Breathers also offer the option to lodge 1-2 other family members – see website for more details.
Dates Yes No Maybe
September or October 2018 (North Carolina)      
October 2018 (New Mexico)      
February or March 2019 (New Mexico)      
April or May 2019 (North Carolina)      

D. REFERENCES: Please list two people who are familiar with your work for social change. Please note that we may ask questions about the impact of your work and why Windcall would be good for you now, so choose references who can speak about your work and you personally.


Name Relationship to you Organization Daytime phone E-mail





We prefer receiving your application by e-mail at If you want to mail it, the address is: Windcall Institute, c/o Common Counsel Foundation, 1624 Franklin Street, Suite 1022, Oakland, CA 94612.


If you have questions, call (510) 834-2995 x305 or check our website,, where you can find descriptions of the Residencies and Mindful Breathers Program and the Frequently Asked Questions.





Name: _________________________________________________________




Windcall Residencies and Mindful Breathers are a gift from the movement to the movement’s treasured organizers. We’re able to provide these free of charge due to the power of grassroots fundraising and the generosity of alumni, allied donors, our sites, and foundations.


There are a few costs not covered by the award:

  • For the Residencies, it includes: travel costs (average $600), plus gas when at the site.
  • For the Mindful Breathers, it includes: travel costs, gas, and meals for the week.

Would you need to raise money? No:___ Yes:___. If so, what would be your goal amount? ________

We can provide you with a sample fundraising letter as well as ideas for how to seek support from funders to cover your travel costs. We want to help you to get to Windcall with the least amount of stress!



Windcall envisions a healthy, vibrant, and deeply caring movement stewarding our communities with love and intention. To achieve sustainability for the planet and for humanity, we must move from an extractive and competitive societal model to one of regeneration and solidarity. In order to keep the sabbaticals accessible and increase opportunities for more organizers, Windcall asks organizers and organizations who have greater capacity to pay it forward and contribute as much as they can so that others can also experience what some have called a life-changing experience.


Do you think you, your organization, union, association, or your funders could make a donation to support the cost of Windcall Sabbaticals? No one is turned away for lack of funds and your answer to this question does not determine whether you’re awarded a sabbatical.


q Yes, I think I could give approximately $________ {Suggested giving scale is $25 to $6,000}

q Yes, I could check with my organization/union/association or our funders. My estimate is that we could:

  • Give a contribution of $________. Suggested amounts include:
    • Budgets $100K-$250K = $100 – $500
    • Budgets $250K-$500K = $500 – $1000
    • Budgets $500K-$1million = $1000 – $3000
    • Budgets >$1million = $3000 – $6000
  • Sponsor a Residency for $6000.
  • Sponsor a Mindful Breather for $1500.

Again, thank you for applying to Windcall Institute’s Residencies and Mindful Breathers Program AND for prioritizing time to reflect and recharge as an organizer and community leader. You and your work should benefit!