Windcall is a Rare and Precious Gift

Join me in celebrating Windcall’s 30th year anniversary

by donating to the Resilience Fund.

Prior to doing my residency, I was running myself into the ground going from one campaign to the next. I had no other identity except my work life and doing things for the benefit of others, never for myself. Then in 2016 Windcall gave me the gift of a three-week residency in a gorgeous secluded forest in the Olympic Peninsula.

Windcall gave me the opportunity to think inward. I actually learned how to prioritize myself. I began to discover all the things that made me whole. I reconnected with my love of trees and everything in the natural world. It was through Windcall that I learned how to make shifts in my life to align with my greater purpose and to live well.  

In 2019, I launched my own coaching and consulting business to support social justice and environmental justice organizations and leaders. I am contributing to the movement in a new and different way, using my 20 years of experience in organizing, coalition building, and organizational development to support grassroots organizations and leaders. I am also getting my certification to become a Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. I have intentionally made more time for my family. After years of intense travel and a busy schedule, I’m prioritizing making time for my daughter who will be going off to college in a few years. 

I joined the Windcall board so that I can more tangibly promote Windcall’s programs to a wider network. I would love to support Windcall get to the next stage of organizational development that has a larger budget and bigger base of supporters so that Windcall can offer more residencies, breathers, and trainings to community leaders who have given so much to our movement. 

Let’s shower Windcall with love, Please donate to the Resilience fund today!

In solidarity,
Strela Cervas, WC Board Member