A Love Gift on Giving Tuesday

Gift LOVE to organizers today!

My name is Reynaldo Leon, a 2010 Windcall alum, and this year I committed to sustaining Windcall on a monthly basis. Please consider making a LOVE GIFT today on Giving Tuesday for Windcall’s 30th Anniversary Love Campaign. 

Let me share why this gift is so important to me:

When I went to Windcall at Blue Mountain Center, I almost “boté la canica” (lost my marbles). I had left my job, was losing my home, had back problems, and had founded LEAP, an environmental advocacy organization in my hometown in the California Central Valley. Those few weeks atop that beautiful mountain were like paradise. I wasn’t expecting it and I will never forget it.

I went on to be lead advocate for a 20-year environmental justice plan in Huron. For 13 years we advocated in Sacramento and DC to build a much-needed bridge. I became Mayor of Huron to make sure it would happen, and it was finally completed this year – a $31 million project!

I can attest that Windcall can deeply affect an organizer’s life. I am committed to raising funds for more Windcall sites to host a greater number of organizers. As we come towards the end of this incredibly difficult year, let’s join together in hope and creativity to sustain Windcall’s healing spaces and practices for organizers in the frontlines of struggles.


THANK YOU for making this life-saving work possible. Without you, organizers like me fall into burnout or get seriously ill. I am thankful you are part of the Windcall family with me.

Reynaldo Leon (2010 Windcal alum)

Mayor of Huron, California

Founder and Executive Director of the San Joaquin Valley Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Project (Valley LEAP)