Organizers Sustain Each Other With Windcall

To My Fellow Alumni:

Join me in donating to Windcall today!

I was recently reminded of my time as a Windcall Resident so I have joined the team of alumni ambassadors seeking donations for the Resilience Fund during the 30th anniversary.

I’ll tell you my story:
I went to Windcall in Montana in 1995 after transitioning from an organizing project and needing to reflect on my life. Windcall created the conditions for me to relax, appreciate, unwind, and reflect where I saw myself in the movement.

I was struck by the unbelievable beauty of the land, the elk, the weather, riding horses, the conversations with other great organizers over shared meals. I reconnected with mother earth and was renewed physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I come from an union family and believe in 8hr days/ 40hr weeks. But the culture in our movements and unions continues to be of overwork and little pay. Windcall was the only real sabbatical I took in the last decades.

What sustained me during that time was participating in many study groups. They helped me understand strategies to fight against racism, understand root causes and study alongside others about revolutions around the world. I continue to do that to absorb ideas and share strategies. It is an emotional support to be with others.

Windcall is a movement treasure that we, as alumni, can safeguard to pass on to future generations. Let’s do it! Let’s shower Windcall with Love!

In solidarity,
Bill Gallegos, WC Alum 1995 (Bill’s bio)