Windcall Winter Wednesdays

Join Windcall Institute’s Staying Power team for a month-long exploration of our elements of healing justice, bringing to a close our 2021 ‘Elements of Healing Justice’ seasonal practice series.

Building on Windcall’s 30 years of experience in providing respite and renewal for movement organizers, our quarterly practice sessions invite our alumni, supporters, allies, and friends to experience our core practices together, in beloved community.

Our winter session, the fourth and final installment of our series, will be a 3 part session focusing on the element of “Water: Caring For Ourselves” and will incorporate aspects of all the prior elements (Earth – grounding in nature, Fire-creative expression, and Air-cultivating spaciousness). 


Wednesdays: December 1st, 8th and 15th

2-3:30pm PT/ 3-4:30pm MT/ 4-5:30pm CT/ 5-6:30pm ET

Wednesday December 1st

BREATHE with Lyla June

GROUND with Raynelle Rino

Wednesday December 8th

RECOVER with Patrick Brown

RELEASE with Jayeesha Dutta

Wednesday December 15th

DREAM with Soraya Jean-Louis

MANIFEST with Idrissa Simmonds