Our Theory of Change

Transformative Healing Pathways

Peer Support

Each Residency cohort is made up of three to four organizers from different movements and parts of the country. Each cohort is almost always majority people of color and majority women. At Windcall, you’ll have the chance to deeply connect with organizers who understand your commitment and what brought you to Windcall. (more)



Windcall began offering coaching in order for Residents to maximize their Windcall experience and support its lasting and transformative possibilities. Coaching has become a major tool to support Residents bringing Windcall home in multiple ways, helping them move past the patterns within their lives, organizations or movements that can block fulfilling Windcall-inspired ideas from moving forward. (more)

Nature Immersion and Learning

The Residency Program is situated in beautiful, natural settings. You’ll find that you’ll learn quiet lessons from the soft and slow rhythms of each day and the balance between stillness and movement, silence and sound, solitude and community, receiving and expressing, and just being and gently becoming. The stillness, sounds, smells, rhythm, and beauty of nature that will surround you have a transformative power and impact. (more)

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative Practices(BarbaraArmstrongWhite)

Windcall gives you the chance to connect with multiple intelligences: your own inner wisdom, intuition, emotions, consciousness, and imagination. Some of these qualities erode over time in our work. Reclaiming them can reconnect us to our purpose in a deep way, tap into our strengths, and help us inspire others through a different kind of organizing presence. (more)

Creative Expression and Play

Windcall offers an opportunity few adults have: the chance to create in a playful and joyful way, without judgment and without worrying about what it means to anyone else but you. The practice of creativity de-stresses, helps process reflections in different ways, heals, and can generate ideas completely disconnected from what is being created. The themes that emerge in creative work also provide metaphors for our organizing lives. (more)

Body Awareness and Health

Creative Expression and Play

Body awareness and intentional practice to sustain and heal our bodies are essential foundations of transformation. The Windcall Residency provides full space for rest, relaxation, multiple types of physical activity, nutritional food, and optional support services that nurture an embodied approach to being and doing. Just as transformation is felt in the body politic of our communities, it is also felt in our body’s movement, senses, emotions, and spirit. (more)

Solitude and Silence

Solitude and Silence (HLiu)

Windcall Residents arrive coming from highly interactive and scheduled lives. They immediately notice that Windcall is a dramatically quieter experience. Your group is small and since everyone is committed to renewal, you’ll have more quiet time on your own or as a small group. (more)

Technology Fasting


Disconnecting from technology is an increasing challenge for organizers and many people in general. However, the Residency is truly enriched for those who do so. Unplugging allows Residents to focus more on their own awareness and process and to experience time connected to their own and nature’s rhythms. (more)