Windcall Coaching

Supporting movement leaders to find balance and sustainability.

In recent years, the Windcall Institute has added a coaching program for its Residents in order to assist them in preparing for and integrating their Windcall Residency experience. Residents are provided a $600 mini-grant from Windcall to pay for up to six sessions with a coach who specializes in working with social justice leaders.

We’ve found that coaches can support movement leaders to achieve their personal goals around bringing more balance and resiliency to their work and life.

Our Current Coach Roster

Kim Fowler
Johnny Manzon-Santos
Amanda Berger
Elizabeth Seja Min
Emily Goldfarb
Idrissa Simmonds
Raynelle Rino
Yvonne Paul
June Marisa Kaewsith
Alex Poeter
sujin lee
Julia Lau de Guzman
Patricia St.Onge

Thanks to:

Windcall alumnus Margi Clarke of Roadmap Consulting

Belma Gonzalez of B Coaching and Consulting (, and

Windcall coach and alumnus Pnina Tobin

for their work developing the Windcall coaching program.