Sustaining Resilience for 30 Years

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As Windcall’s first alum I am very excited to see the impact Windcall’s residency and staying power programs have had on many amazing leaders. Celebrate Windcall’s 30th year anniversary with me by donating to the Resilience Fund. Which provides an opportunity for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation for movement leaders from around the country.

Thirty-one years ago I had the great fortune to spend 21 days in Montana as the first Windcall resident  in 1989. I remember hiking in the mountains in late September reflecting on my work and what path I would take next for the coming future. I knew then that for the sake of my well being I would need to evolve my relationship with movement work. 

Three decades later, much of my current work stems from my reflections at Windcall. I realized for organizing to be sustainable, we needed a rooted and long strategy to grow electoral power from the grassroots incrementally in concentric circles. California Calls now takes on electoral campaigns at the state level, like Prop 13,  while deeply rooted in grassroots organizations.

I grew up in an era of self sacrifice, putting one’s entire energy and passion into the work. Organizing is not a 9-5 lifestyle. But we lost good people who didn’t last. Organizers and leaders on the front lines must pay attention to the lessons of balancing self-care with work. Every person’s balance is different. Windcall helped me find mine in the outdoors, hiking and camping several times a year in the Sierras.

What is your balance?

Let’s shower Windcall with love so more amazing leaders can find their own balance.  

In solidarity,

Anthony Thigpen, first WC alum ‘89 (Anthony’s bio)