How To Apply – Current Application

2017 Residency and Mindful Breather Application Deadline HAS PASSED.

The next application cycle will be in early 2018.

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We welcome your interest in Windcall

Applying for a Windcall Residency or Mindful Breather simply requires filling out a Windcall Application-2017-18. The application includes a personal statement about why you think a period of reflection would be beneficial as well as information about your organizing. We also ask for two references.

Please make sure to read the information about Residencies that we have on this website, such as Windcall Residencies and Mindful Breather Program and the FAQs.


Our Selection Committee is composed of former Windcall Residents, all organizers and activists. We will notify you by mid June 2017 if you’ve been selected for a fall 2017 or spring 2018 Residency or for the Winter 2018 Mindful Breather. Once selected, we will work with you to match you with a Residency site that works for you.

What does the Selection Committee look for in considering the applications?

When reviewing your application, our Selection Committee will ask the following questions:

  1. At this point in your life and work for social change, why would a period of reflection, removed from the demands of day-to-day life, be beneficial to you?
  2. To what extent have you taken a leadership role in social change issues?
  3. To what extent do you engage other people in taking collective action for social change?
  4. Do you work (paid or volunteer) in a community-based/membership/organizing/advocacy organization or union? Can you demonstrate how your social change work is central to the mission and goals of the organization/union?
  5. How long have you worked on a particular issue? Windcall requires applicants to have at least five years experience as an organizer or activist. You need not have worked for five years at the same organization, but you should demonstrate how your commitment to specific issues is significant, focused and long-standing.

To Nominate An Organizer

If you would like to nominate someone you think should be an applicant for Windcall, please send an email to Viviana Rennella, Windcall Director.